Partnering with N C will give you access to technologies and expertise that will win you more business. Whether you make your living in the construction, mining, agricultural, marine, or forestry industries, our technology products, services, and support are the best of the best.


Equipment Management Services (EMServices) is designed to help you better manage your assets and lower your operating costs. Working with N C, you can monitor location, fuel burn and utilization, as well as health and maintenance issues like hours, fluid contamination and more.

You will know where your equipment is and what it’s doing with remote, real-time information. You can manage your equipment health and utilization trends compared to benchmarks via automated reporting, and use expert recommendations from N C to make informed decisions about managing and maintaining your machines.


The AccuGrade Grade Control System brings you an increase in productivity by up to 40 percent while dramatically reducing your site costs. 

We understand that productivity and your bottom line depends on moving material accurately, quickly, and safely the first time. Maintaining consistent grade is difficult, labor intensive, and challenging for even the most experienced operators. By combining digital design data, in-cab operator guidance features, and automatic blade controls, the Caterpillar® AccuGrade Grade Control System actually enhances grading accuracy and virtually eliminates the need for survey stakes. AccuGrade is factory integrated, sensor-independent, and features a suite of products which includes cross slope, sonic, laser, GPS, and ATS technology.

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Mining Technologies

Caterpillar and N C provide a variety of mining technology products and services for open pit and underground mine applications. We’ll work with you to determine the exact right blend of technologies based on your productivity, efficiency, and safety goals. Contact us today to help us drive your integrated fleet management, material tracking, and safety performance to the next level.


N C is proud to partner with SITECH Northwest Inc., the authorized Trimble dealer for western and central Washington. SITECH Northwest provides premier technology solutions for construction, ag, forestry, and marine applications.

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